Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Nursing Curve

It is no surprise to you that I have been MIA on this blog lately.  I want to apologize, but all of my apologetic resources are gone for the day.  They went to the poor lady that had to clean up the 2 pints of rice (and other food) that Tyler dumped on the floor at lunch today.  I promise to apologize when my apologetic abilities have reboosted...tomorrow's promising.

I have recently encountered this strange phenomenom that I'll refer to as the nursing curve.  It goes like this:

People immediately after Ty was born:  "I cannot believe anyone would deprive their baby of breastmilk" - said with judgment and received with awkwardness
People at 6 months:  "Wow, you're still nursing?!  That's amazing!" - said with amazement, received with appreciation
People at 12 months:  "You made it to one year!  You're the best mother ever."  ok no one said that, but they've said it with their eyes.  :)  Received with pride. 
People at 12 months and one day:  "Whoa.  You're STILL nursing?"  - said with judgment, received with awkwardness.

And we've come full circle.  Or we've come to the nursing bell curve.

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